Small programs

DiSEqC Audio Generator

This program utilizes the soundcard of PC for generating DiSEqC-messages. The soundcard must support at least 96kHz of sample rate on its output. The better if 192kHz.

DiSEqC Audio Generator

The program can work with the clipboard since the version 0.4. You can control in this way the program, if your own program will send to the clipboard a simple text string with a DiSEqC-message. The string must have no spaces or other wrong symbols and should contain only hex-numbers (3 to 6 bytes). For example, E01038F0, or E0316E0000. Also you can simply type a string in any available text editor and copy a message into the buffer manually (usual Ctrl-C). The program will produce the message immediately.

Note: It's highly recommended to close all programs (audio & video players, audio editors, even an ICQ client), which use audio output before using the DiSEqC-Audio. Otherwise carrier frequencies higher than 18-19kHz may work unproperly in the program.

See how to make the necessary hardware here

Tests with Moteck SG2100 and the program v03b (video):

DiSEqC Audio Generator (2480 downloads)

DiSEqC/USALS Audio Generator

Like to turn an USALS motor? I've got a program for it with built-in USALS calculator!

DiSEqC/USALS Audio Generator

The hardware requirements are the same.

DiSEqC/USALS Audio Generator (2964 downloads)

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